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Welcome to our pool repair and maintenance services

Welcome to SwiftPool, where pool repair and maintenance are more than services—they’re a commitment to excellence. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis, providing prompt and efficient solutions for all your repair needs.

Trust us to keep your aquatic retreat in perfect condition, so you can relax and enjoy worry-free moments by the water.

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Let us transform your pool into a pristine haven where relaxation meets unparalleled expertise, making every dip a refreshing and worry-free experience.



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What we do

We specialize in providing top-tier pool services, ranging from meticulous cleaning and water quality maintenance to prompt and efficient repairs. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring your pool remains a pristine haven of relaxation. With a customer-centric approach, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, delivering a comprehensive and hassle-free pool care experience.

Our Services


Scheduled cleaning services to remove debris, leaves, and dirt from the pool surface and water, ensuring a consistently clean and inviting environment.

Water Balancing

Monitoring and adjusting the chemical levels in the water to maintain optimal pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels for safe and enjoyable swimming.

Filter Maintenance

Regular inspection, cleaning, and replacement of pool filters to ensure efficient removal of impurities and debris from the water circulation system.

Equipment Checks

Thorough examination and maintenance of pool equipment such as pumps, heaters, and valves to ensure proper functionality and prevent potential issues.

Tile and Surface Cleaning

Cleaning and scrubbing pool tiles and surfaces to remove scale, stains, and algae buildup, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the pool.


Comprehensive inspections to identify potential issues early on, allowing for timely repairs and preventing more significant problems in the future.

All services

Pricing plans

Choose from our range of plans to ensure your pool stays clean, balanced, and well-maintained, tailored to your needs and budget.





Surface debris removal

Pool floor vacuuming

Walls and tiles brushing

pH and chlorine levels balancing

Equipment inspection

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All tasks from the Basic Plan

Filter backwashing

Pump and skimmer baskets cleaning

Necessary chemical additions

Water quality checks

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All tasks from the Standard Plan

Shock treatment

Algaecide application

Filter cartridge cleaning or replacement

Chemical treatments

Priority scheduling and emergency call-out services

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What our clients say about us

Our skilled team is here and ready to help whenever you need assistance

PoolSwift turned my pool into a sparkling oasis! The maintenance team is diligent and efficient. I can always count on their expertise for a pristine pool. Highly recommend!

Sarah Thompson

Home owner

Managing multiple properties means managing multiple pools. PoolSwift has made my life so much easier. Their services are top-notch, and the team is always responsive. A true asset for property managers!

John Reynolds

Property Manager

As a business owner with a pool on-site, maintenance is crucial. PoolSwift has been our go-to partner. The team is reliable, and their attention to detail ensures our pool is always in tip-top shape. Fantastic service!

Lisa Miller

Business Owner

Working with PoolSwift has been a pleasure. They understand the importance of integrating the pool design with the overall landscape. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every maintenance task. Highly recommended for fellow architects!

Mike Carter

Landscape Architect

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